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Adobe Proto

Adobe® Proto, a new Adobe Touch App, lets you create interactive wireframes and prototypes of websites and mobile apps on your tablet. Communicate and share ideas with teams and clients using a touch-based interface.¹ Initially available for Android™.

Adam Haider | User Interface Designer: BBC Homepage Responsive Redesign 


The BBC homepage has recently been updated with a new much cleaner design. What is noticeably different is in how the webpage functions. Users navigate via a horizontal slider where content is broken up into 5 categories and sub-divided into 3 main screens (left, middle, right). Below the top DIV content is further organised into 3 sections which expand into accordions. The homepage uses a ‘responsive’ layout which will adapt to two different sets of layout styles.

Main Layout Style
A style for higher resolutions that takes advantage of the dead white space surrounding the main canvas area in order to display additional content. Something I have been urging websites to do well back in 2009, it just seems so logical especially now as larger monitors are more widely adopted.

Tablet Layout Style
The second style maintains the clean layout structure but cuts off the additional surrounding white space and reduces the navigation buttons to fit inside the window.

It doesn’t seem that they added an additional style for mobile devices which is unfortunate but I guess they did this because it will enforce their own mobile version to display or that they didn’t want to impact the page loading speed. Either way, the website looks pretty and is now good enough for it to become my web browser homepage. :-)