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The Official Santa Brand Guide

X … Excellence

M … Measurability

A … Accountability

S … Snow

Excellence in child centric gift distribution.

Some say Santa is due for a refresh.

(via Santa brand book)

In advertising, the best way to sell in a concept has always been to show it. Create a storyboard. Do a sketch.

But today, some of the biggest ideas are digital, and to effectively convey them, traditional prototyping tools fall short.

So creatives have had to get a lot more, well, creative.

…beautiful visual design is only part of the battle.

What’s more interesting, from a design solution standpoint, is the design thinking and making that subsequently happened.

And that design thinking includes the constraints, requirements, hurdles, and other barriers to design. The making includes the actual building of the product…was it actually built and did people actually adopt it?

It’s one thing to imagine a beautiful interface in Photoshop: it’s another to build it and get people to use it.

Tell your design story

I think the future of sharing design work will be more about story and less about visuals.

Someone made this.
Someone else signed off on it.

Someone made this.

Someone else signed off on it.

Dogs as fonts by grafisches buro.

Good Fucking Design Advice.

I, _________________, hereby swear to abandon all fear; to question everything; to trust in myself; to honor those before me as I excel, and to support those who follow as they ascend. I swear that I will never accept another’s standard for success, as I set mine one measure higher. When I am finished, no one will ever fucking look at _________________ the same way again.

Tokyo Arteria A 3D Model of Tokyo’s Underground Metro System

Tokyo’s subway system is arguably one of the most complex in the world. The map itself can be an immediate turn-off for any unfamiliarized straphangar.

But exactly how do all these lines run underground, overlapping as they carry hundreds of thousands of passengers each day?

Tokyo University graduate student Takatsugu Kuriyama decided to answer that question be recreating an accurate three-dimensional model of Tokyo’s lifeline by using multi-colored tubes strung with wire.

Different color liquids pulsate throughout all 18 lines, creating a staggering picture of what goes on below the streets of Tokyo every day.



Via Spoon Tamago

Matt Groenig’s artwork for Apple. Circa 1989.

For anyone unfamiliar, Apple hired Groening to produce illustrations for a brochure about Macs that was aimed at college students.

At the time, Groening was best known as the artist of the comic Life in Hell, as The Simpsons has not yet premiered.

The brochure was titled, ‘Who Needs a Computer Anyway’ and interspersed Groening’s Life in Hell style illustrations with standard information on Apple’s Mac computers.

It apparently was distributed amongst college bookstores and was obviously trying to use Groening’s cachet as an underground comic artist to attract hip, young co-eds.

A Version of events: Social Design. The New Backbone. 

I love social. I love its honesty and humanity. Wrong social gets caught out very quickly.

Right social is effortless - trying too hard stands out like a sore thumb in what is, essentially, an extension of peoples’ lives.

Design. I keep coming back to it at the moment. A noble, professional craft, mindful of people and their lives.

Experience design, visual design, service design, information design, communication design and, now, social design.

No flim-flam. No smoke and mirrors. Just graft and empathy. A bit like being a vicar without the supernatural stuff.

Infographic: Jonathan Ives’ T-shirts Point The Way Forward

Poring over footage from Apple’s iPhone 5 announcement, pundits see a link between Apple’s elongated iPhone 5 form factor and lead Apple designer Jonathan Ives’ trendy neckline. Analysts correlate the link between current v-neck trends and what might ahempoint toward Apple’s future for the iPhone.

When asked about whether skinny jeans indicate the impetus behind the rumored iPad Mini, Sir Ives had no comment.

A Version of events: Advertising is dying. Long live design. 

Advertising should become another part of the design resurgence: factual, demonstrative of design, pointing to deeper, online experiences, indicative of behaviours and reality. Sure there’ll be metaphor. Sure there’ll be bluster, probably for ever. But good advertising will be part of a bigger whole, an ecosystem of design that surrounds consumers and products.

I’d think of advertising now as Communication Design. To be done carefully, by considered professionals with a balanced view of the bigger marketing picture. Not at the heart of the ecosystem but in its margins.

Design, design, design. If your marketing company isn’t built around it then your days are running out. If you’re getting into our business now, look for the companies that have design at their core.

Design, creativity and technology.

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