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The Official Santa Brand Guide

X … Excellence

M … Measurability

A … Accountability

S … Snow

Excellence in child centric gift distribution.

Some say Santa is due for a refresh.

(via Santa brand book)

In advertising, the best way to sell in a concept has always been to show it. Create a storyboard. Do a sketch.

But today, some of the biggest ideas are digital, and to effectively convey them, traditional prototyping tools fall short.

So creatives have had to get a lot more, well, creative.

…beautiful visual design is only part of the battle.

What’s more interesting, from a design solution standpoint, is the design thinking and making that subsequently happened.

And that design thinking includes the constraints, requirements, hurdles, and other barriers to design. The making includes the actual building of the product…was it actually built and did people actually adopt it?

It’s one thing to imagine a beautiful interface in Photoshop: it’s another to build it and get people to use it.

Tell your design story

I think the future of sharing design work will be more about story and less about visuals.

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