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The results reveal some fascinating patterns in city structure. For a start, every city undergoes a kind of respiration in which people converge into the center and then withdraw on a daily basis, almost like breathing. And this happens in all cities.

This “suggests the existence of a single ‘urban rhythm’ common to all cities,” says Louail and co.

We’ve now moved on: broadly speaking, second-generation internet language plays with grammar instead of spelling. If you’re a doomsayer, the innovative syntax is one more thing to throw up your hands about, but compared to a decade or two ago, the spelling has gotten shockingly conventional.

In this sense, doge really is the next generation of LOLcat, in terms of a pet-based snapshot of a certain era in internet language. We’ve kept the idea that animals speak like an exaggerated version of an internet-savvy human, but as our definitions of what it means to be a human on the internet have changed, so too have the voices that we give our animals.


The kind of technology guidance that consumers need today differs markedly from what they needed in 2006.

The hard technology choices of that time have been rendered fundamentally uninteresting by basic technological progress: cheap, good HDTVs abound, an MP3 player is simply an app, and few would even consider owning a digital camera other than the one on their smartphone.

Addicted to Apps

If engineers can build something, the thinking goes, they do. Whether they should is beside the point. People will eventually adapt, engineers believe, just as they always have.

But we cannot rely on the makers of new technology to think about the moral and privacy implications, she said. “There is not a lot of internal searching among engineers,” she said.

“They are not encouraged to say, ‘What does that mean for society?’That job is left for others. And the law and social norms trail in dealing with the pace of technical changes right now.”

Cultural capital in space and print » Cyborgology 

I wonder what a system of cultural capital built up around these digital experiences and forms might look like. Just as we often see what we identify as the “physical” as monolithic in nature, we see the digital in the same ways.

Ebooks aren’t yet old enough to have such a system built up around them, but there probably will eventually be one; it’s sort of what we do with things.

What will that look like? What will it mean? How will we define the experience of digital books and art?

First, of course, we need to get used to the idea that there’s an experience to be had.

What I am telling you is that you do not need to know to love, and it is right that you feel it all in any moment. And it is right that you see it through—that you are amazed, then curious, then belligerent, then heartbroken, then numb.

You have the right to all of it. You must want to own all of it.

We will try to ward you away. We will try to explain to you that we have already walked that path. We will try to tell you that we have made your mistakes. We will claim that we are trying to spare you. But you will see our greed and self-service hiding behind our words. You will see us ward you away with one hand, while the other still shakes at the memories.

Here is the thing—you have the right to every end of your exploration and no motherfucker anywhere can tell you otherwise.

How I Met Your Mother

Unmissable thin feelings, irrevocable desires to do filthy things, Paris, chicken fingers, art as anaesthesia, being in love, the right to explore and exacting freedom for things to end badly. 

Parenting advice and the story of Ta-Nehisi Coates met the girl.

Robert De Niro’s audition for the part of Sonny for the Godfather.

So different. But still the same.

ps. He didn’t get the part.

In case you missed it. Here’s a roundup of how the internet celebrated April 1st, 2013.

Ah April Fools Day. Time to be silly and pitch ridiculous ideas to the internet. 

Here’s a bigger list.

  • Google makes Gmail blue
  • Google+ introduces “Emotions+” to add feelings to your pictures
  • Google Australia lets you spiffy up your house on street view with “schmick”
  • Google Apps creates a levity algorithm
  • Funny or Die launches Kickstart or Die to turn 90s sitcoms into movies
  • Skype launches a space calling program, to keep in touch with friends and family in the cosmos
  • launches — “the world’s premiere do-nothing platform, empowering people everywhere to demand that nothing deviate from the present”
  • Reddit buys Team Fortress 2
  • Sony creates headphones for cats
  • HootSuite creates HootFoil, a new security system to protect personal online data
  • Digg will Rickroll you if enter the Konami code (up up, down down, left, right, left, right, B, A)
  • Twitter now charges $5 per month to use vowels in tweets
  • Hulu adds weird new (fake) shows like Itchy & Scratchy and MILF Island
  • George Takei announces he will be playing Master Ceti Maru in Star Wars reboot
  • Virgin Atlantic Airlines creates glass bottomed airplane
  • BMW launches limited edition BMW P.R.A.M. (Postnatal Royal Auto Mobile)
  • Roku introduces “streaming shades” so you can watch movies 3 cm from your eyes
  • The Guardian creates Guardian Goggles that lets users see either liberal or conservative augmented realities
  • Kayak adds online dating to their site
  • Pirate Bay Moves Servers to the U.S., Becomes Freedom Bay
  • Whole Foods has a cattle cam that lets you “watch what your meat eats”
  • Nokia develops a microwave
  • TripAdvisor’s Sniqueaway gives you an exclusive deal to Aunt Gertie’s House
  • Samsung creates Eco Trees
  • Seamless allows you to upgrade your delivery person
  • RunKeeper comes to iPads
  • American Eagle creates spray on skinny jeans
  • Canadian airline West Jet starts a “furry family” program that lets pets fly alongside their owners
  • Social startup Omaze offers some unique opportunities like having your life narrated by Morgan Freeman or letting Oprah name your baby
  • Mophie, a portable power solutions company, introduces “spud” reusable energy
  • Photography site Lomography announces LomoGoggles, glasses that make you see the world in analog
  • The U.S. Army is working on a military cat program
  • Imgur allows photo submissions via snail mail now
  • Square and Box merged to create “Polyhedron,” giving everyone the ability to pay for things and share stuff simaltaneously
  • Bing gives you a treat if you search for “Google” on their site
  • Oberlin became a university for cats

Creative people are interesting.

..Are they interesting because they are Creative? 

..Or, are they creative because they have had interesting lives?

Seen on Incidental Comics.

“In the near future, no matter where you are, marketers, pollsters and infobots will be close at hand. Do you really need or want closer and more regular contact with these people? Think you have a choice?”

Adbusters’ parody of AT&T “You Will” campaign (1995)

3D Printed Record

In order to explore the current limits of 3D printing technology, I’ve created a technique for converting digital audio files into 3D-printable, 33rpm records and printed a few functional prototypes that play on ordinary record players. 

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Woody Guthrie’s New Years Resolutions - Dated January 1st 1943

Source: The Woody Guthrie Foundation

Reign of the Techno-Nanny

What this means is that living up to our acknowledged preferences can be much more difficult than we think. Maybe a helping hand is what we need.

Mobile technologies seem to offer a way to counter the biases when those bias threaten to hinder our decisionmaking.

But before we eagerly welcome such technologies, we should consider the consequences of apps that serve as our moral guide, guardian, caretaker, and assistant.

To focus entirely on all the ways that these future smartphones will make our lives better belies any of the serious problems that may accompany the ubiquity of personal technologies — problems like the phones directing our actions and harming our moral faculties.

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