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45 years ago now.
When humanity, and advertising tried harder.

45 years ago now.

When humanity, and advertising tried harder.

Every so often, an idea comes along that is a real game changer. That shifts paradigms. That blows your freaking mind. It’s an idea that is certain to become a part of the cultural zeitgeist by blurring the lines between advertising, marketing, technology, and brain washing.

This is one such idea. And it will improve your creativity by at least 23%.

Introducing The World’s First Crowd Sourced 3D-Printed QR Code Live Streamed Via Go Pro To A Smart Phone Or Tablet Device Drone Delivery Ticket System Project.

The Official Santa Brand Guide

X … Excellence

M … Measurability

A … Accountability

S … Snow

Excellence in child centric gift distribution.

Some say Santa is due for a refresh.

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In advertising, the best way to sell in a concept has always been to show it. Create a storyboard. Do a sketch.

But today, some of the biggest ideas are digital, and to effectively convey them, traditional prototyping tools fall short.

So creatives have had to get a lot more, well, creative.

Come Home To The Simpsons.

A real life, for-reals, opening sequence to The Simpsons.

Pretty cool!


This is clever, fun, on-point and interactive in the right sense of the word. 

#theVELUXpose is an interactive installation for VELUX set in the streets of Copenhagen.

VELUX specializes in roof windows and our brief was to inspire young urban citizens to see the roof as an opportunity space and something to aspire to.

Our goal was to connect the digital generation and VELUX.

As a symbol, we used the posture people have when looking through these roof windows, which is looking up at an angle of 125º. We brought this experience from the roof, down down to the streets and used Instagram as a way to get people excited and involved.

We put an iPhone in a box with a frame that has VELUX written on it so that it would come up as the border in the image.

We hacked together a really long handsfree kit cable so that we could trigger the camera from far. The image gets synced with an iPad for participants to upload their image to Instagram with their own filter.

Literary Jukebox – new Tumblr project offers a daily quote from a favorite book, thematically matched with a song.

Do you ever have those days when you just feel like you’re in a funk? You just can’t shake those heavy, sinking feelings? Maybe you’re feeling stressed, empty, scared or stuck. In essence, you just don’t feel like yourself.

As a way to improve mental health in Canada, Blok Design worked with Partners for Mental Health to come up with a way to draw people into a conversation, encouraging an open dialogue. Using bright colors that represented a spectrum of moods, they got people on the street to, literally, wear their emotions on their sleeves.

What a great idea for you to reflect on your emotions.

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Patrik Lindell - Konstakademien, 2011

As much as I dislike staged photography, I think there is something to this.

The highly conceptual photographs depicted an older person looking at the reflection of their younger self in a mirror.

Commercial advertising photographer Tom Hussey photographed an award winning campaign for Novartis’ Exelon Patch, a prescription medicine for the treatment of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s dementia.

Guerrilla art group takes over some Astral info pillars in Toronto 

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How good is your imagination? 

From tourist to traveller.


Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam, Milan, Italy

Executive Creative Director: Vicky Gitto
Deputy Creative Director: Cristian Comand
Art Director: Cristian Comand
Copywriter: Matteo Lazzarini
Illustrators: Stefano Torresani, Cristian Comand
Post production: Post Atomic
Client Service Director: Francesca Baroni

Making Of A Hologram: Dita Von Teese hologram by Musion for Christian Louboutin at the Design Museum 

Dezeen Magazine have published an exclusive piece which includes a very insightful video short on how a hologram installation / performance is put together. In this case, it is an installation featuring Dita Von Teese which is part of an exhibition of work by shoe designer Christian Louboutin for London’s Design Museum.

Also noteworthy, this is the next high-profile project from Musion, the holographics company that was responsible for the infamous Tupac Shakur at Coachella last month …

Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese morphs into a stiletto shoe every fifteen minutes in a holographic performance that was created by London company Musion for the Design Museum‘s exhibition on iconic shoe designer Christian Louboutin.

This film shows the making of the hologram, projected onto a stage in the main exhibition room that’s shaped like an upside-down shoe.

The video itself can only be viewed on the Dezeen website, which also features photographs and information about the show, all of which can be found here.

(via prostheticknowledge)

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