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It’s made me think a lot about language in general. I think that if a writer writes in more than one language, you really recognize how specific and complex a language is.

They’re just different entities. They’re just completely different. They sound different, they feel different, they are different at their essence, even though they can mean the same thing—you can translate something and mean the same thing, but it’s so specific the way a language works.

The thing about this right now in my life as a writer, I feel a certain awe for language in general, for what it is, what it does, and I think this writing experimentation has brought a lot of that to the fore.

It is curious to me how often we tend to describe the perfection and drama of the natural world, its sublime qualities, in metaphors of fakery or artificiality: “like a postcard”, “like a painting”, or latterly in New Zealand, “like a scene from The Lord of the Rings”.

The impulse, I think, comes from a wish to apologise for the limited capacity of the “real” world.

To grow up is to confront the disappointments of language, in a way, and to suffer the divorce between what we experience and what we imagine to be real.

Catton on growing up in New Zealand. 

Eleanor Catton: The land of the long white cloud

Cultural capital in space and print » Cyborgology 

I wonder what a system of cultural capital built up around these digital experiences and forms might look like. Just as we often see what we identify as the “physical” as monolithic in nature, we see the digital in the same ways.

Ebooks aren’t yet old enough to have such a system built up around them, but there probably will eventually be one; it’s sort of what we do with things.

What will that look like? What will it mean? How will we define the experience of digital books and art?

First, of course, we need to get used to the idea that there’s an experience to be had.

Creative people are interesting.

..Are they interesting because they are Creative? 

..Or, are they creative because they have had interesting lives?

Seen on Incidental Comics.


When kids choose their own books, a neat thing happens… they read them! Welcome to the Scholastic Book Clubs Tumblr!

Hey, remember those awesome magazines you got in grade school full of things that you could force your parents to buy because, duh, education?? They’re on tumblr now!

(via mrmullin)

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