A digital camera that offers “delayed gratification”

Holga. D bills itself as the perfect camera for people who are nostalgic for the blurry, leaky, yellowy photos of yore, but still attached to some of the conveniences of digital technology, which is pretty much everyone over the age of 20, right?

Designed by Finland-based Saikat Biswas, Holga. D mimics the original Holga — that crappy, bare-bones, made-in-China toy camera that can’t take a decent picture to save a life — in nearly every way, except that it’s rigged to download images.

But, like an old Holga, it doesn’t have a display window so you can’t actually see the images until you throw ‘em on your computer. And like an old Holga, the biggest feature is, in Biswas’s telling, “lack of features!” No fancy sensors, no micro-lenses, no nuthin’. The point: to bring “back the joy and delayed gratification associated with good old analog photography.”

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