My name is Steve and I’m 24 years old. Currently I have no ‘real’ 9-5 job. My only source of income is from the earnings I make online.

I have three associate degrees, all in aviation. I did two years of Avionics, one year of powerplant and one year of airframe. I have an FCC license and soon when I’m not so lazy I will go and test for my A&P (airframe & powerplant) license. I live in one of the lower 48 states.

Pinterest is by FAR the easiest social network to spam right now. Quite possibly the easiest ever to spam. It requires almost no work to get started and no money to invest.

You just have to know how the system works and how you can fix it to your advantage.

I started on Feb. 20, 2012. Pinterest used to use a script called Skimlinks. What this did was when anything was pinned that had any type of affiliate link involved, Skimlinks would replace your affiliate tag with theirs.

This caused a lot of bad press and outrage and they did away with it. That’s when I saw the opportunity for easy money.

A Pinterest Spammer tells all on Daily Dot

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