"It’d go off the newsstands in a week if they printed the real truth … [like] a plain picture … a tramp vomiting, man, in the sewer.

And next door to the picture, Mr. Rockefeller … Just make some kind of collage, which they don’t do.

There’s no ideas at Time magazine.”

Dylan heckles Time reporter Horace Judson and rants about the magazine

I was watching Cameron Crowe’s PJ20 earlier today and there is a segment in there an excerpt from this interview is shown. 

Reminded me of my previous post and how much of a struggle it is for these magazines to stay relevant and maintain some sense of integrity in today’s world. The blurry line between their sense of authority and propaganda is highlighted and amplified each time an issue come out. 

Of course, Bob figured this out about 50 years ago in 1965. 


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