Digital Creative Strategist


technology. music. culture. identities. photography. advertising. food. creativity. code. sport. design.



I have spent the better part of the last decade in creative agencies, both specialist digital and integrated, working across a wide range of roles helping create digital products, services, and campaigns.

I work best when in a multi-disciplinary creative environment. One constant has been having slashes in my job title - Creative, Strategist, Technologist, Producer, Designer they have all been featured in one combination or another. 

I love solving problems with creative uses of technology to design experiences that are unexpected, human, and relevant. Technology is a science but making something memorable and usable with it is an art - I bring both perspectives to every brief.

I am also a published photographer. My interests mainly lie in documentary style work around themes of cultural identities & assimilation, food, urban life & spaces, and the environment.